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Austin really is weird

Have you ever seen one of those t-shirts or something that says “Keep Austin Weird”? Well, it really is weird. Not that it’s a bad place to be, but it sure makes my hometown look nice.

Anyways, I had a great time. It was a long car ride, but those things go by pretty quickly when you have four other good friends in the car. We got to the hotel (which was very cool indeed; it had trees and indoor ponds and stuff, and basically it was hollowed out in the middle where everything was, and you could see all the rooms from the middle. I’m not certain if I’m making myself clear.
Anyways, we got to the hotel at about 6:45 PM, loaded our stuff into the room (which was very nice except for the fingernail clipping we found on a countertop), and left a little later for dinner, which was also very nice. We stayed up till 1 AM watching TV (which I very rarely do-watch TV, that is), got up at 7:15 for the complimentary breakfast, left around 8:15 for the Capitol Building, arrived, checked in, all that jazz (after a few jokes concerning my fear that they would confiscate my very sharp knitting needles from my bag) and listened to a talk until a little after noon.
Then we each spoke to employees of five different Texas Representatives to inform them that we opposed some bill or another (not a very exciting one, but one with potential ramifications for homeschoolers). The reception we got was really amazing; they actually listened to us, and most of them took notes. One especially amusing incident occurred when one woman inquired concerning who had drafted the bill. “SUCH-AND-SUCH?! But he always seemed so normal!” As we left, I heard her pulling someone aside and showing him the bill, saying “I can’t believe such-and-such wrote this bill…” It was rather funny.

After all this, we bought lunch at the cafeteria (which was sadly no longer serving anything but sandwiches by that time). We debated whether to go to the homeschool debriefing or watch the House debate a bill (one that is actually rather interesting and important for us pro-lifers); we ended up dropping by the gift shop and then going straight to the House. It was fascinating. We watched them for just over an hour, and it was really, really interesting. Nothing terribly exciting happened but it was incredible to watch them debating something like that.

Yes, so that was my exciting venture into Texas government. By the way, I heard the Capitol Building is one foot taller than the one in DC. Everything really is bigger in Texas. And it is a lovely building.


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