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The Results are In

The poll informs me that 75% of my readers are against my starting a new blog for crafts. So I guess that’s out! Just as well, really.

Thanks be, the ice melted in time, and I had a lovely time at my ‘activity’ with my friends. Gratias Deo for the little things!

In cloud of clay so cast to heaven
What shape shall man discern?
These lords may light the mystery
Of mastery or victory,
And these ride high in history,
But these shall not return.

Gored on the Norman gonfalon
The Golden Dragon died:
We shall not wake with ballad strings
The good time of the smaller things,
We shall not see the holy kings
Ride down by Severn side. – G. K. Chesterton, from the Dedication to The Ballad of the White Horse which I absolutely must read.


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