A Year in Knitting

Well. Of late my knitting has been growing somewhat out of control, so I have conceived a new idea to prevent myself from casting on too many projects at a time. In order to do this, I am going to incorporate the notion of a Year of Knitting. The requirements are this:
Once a month you shall cast on a new project. You shall cast no other projects on until A; you have finished this project and B; you have finished at least one other project that currently sits in your knitting basket, languishing. You shall attempt to finish this monthly project within the month. The exception is made for March, when Lent starts, for as a penance throughout the entirety of Lent you shall not cast on any new projects till you have finished each. and. every. single. project. you. have. not. finished. (With the exception of the Woolen Irish Shawl Monster, or WISM, which has been in your possession approximately one year, and which has consumed massive amounts of yarn, apparently without growing any closer to its end.) You will keep this up to the end of the year.

I’m jumping in a month late, I realize, but oh well. I think I’ll keep this up every year. If successful, it will ensure the presence of many Christmas presents for my sadly deprived family and friends.


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