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A small request

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If you are reading this blog, and don’t already follow it, please leave a comment. It would make me so happy and I would like to know who y’all are!

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I have something to tell you

A confession to make. Maybe you’ve already guessed it. It’s hard to hide.

I am a nerd.

It’s true.

I have been nerdy about the following:

Star Wars
Star Trek (not so much anymore though)
Doctor Who (ditto)
The Lord of the Rings
C. S. Lewis
Heck, the Inklings in general!
G K. Chesterton
I’m in training to be a Hayao Miyazaki nerd.
Books in general
Irish music
Fonts (yes, you read that right)
And probably other things.

I have not, however, been a computer nerd. I think those are called geeks. I am not a geek. But then these fine shades of distinction are rather confusing.

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Titles are tough

Alas, I have not posted for several days. This must be amended.

In recent news, my youngest sibling, my brother AJ, has just turned four. He got a lightsaber for the blessed date. Also, two days ago my third youngest sibling, Anna, turned nine. She is the only member of the family without brown hair, except for my red-headed father. She herself is a blonde.

As for other things, well, school is going okay. I recently got my lowest exam grade ever… a 68 on a chemistry exam. However, I have completed and turned in corrections, for which I will hopefully get half credit and arrive at a satisfying 84. I am still behind in Latin.

Knitting is rather unsatisfactory of late. I purchased a new skein of Malabrigo Lace, an extremely soft little skein of single-ply laceweight in a charming purple colorway known as Violetas. It is a good bargain – $8.95 at my local yarn shop. I am going to use it eventually to knit this scarf, a pattern I received for Christmas. If that was all, it would be fine, but unfortunately, there is more. I finished the first Fair Isle sock I posted about previously, but it proved uncomfortably small for my friend and will be frogged, most likely. I have cast on for a plain sock with ribbing, heel, and toe to be knit in scrap sock yarn, which I will probably give to her (if it works out, I will have to frog the first sock. Or maybe only frog it up to a certain point and turn the rest of it into some kind of pouch thingy like I saw someone on Ravelry do). I have also cast on for a pink cotton lace headscarf, in the same pattern as a shawl I have been working on, but with thicker yarn/needles and less repeats. And there’s actually more…

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My stats counter informs me that I have had a pageview each from Brazil and the Philippines recently. In fact, this is my second pageview from Brazil… and while I’m at it, a couple months ago I had a couple of referrals from YouTube, of all places! I have absolutely no idea how they accessed my blog from YouTube…

On a different note, I recently saw The Dark Knight. It definitely sparked a lot of thought, and I’m going to watch it again, this time with my dad (I first watched it last Friday with a friend) and maybe give an essay a try.


january daybook

 Date… Tuesday, January 18

Starting time… 10:32 PM

Mood… kind of frustrated.

Outside my window… a moon that will be full tomorrow night.

I’m thinking… about an event I need a ride for this Saturday.

I’m reading… Dracula by Bram Stoker. (Yes, that Dracula.)

I’m listening to… Down by the Sally Gardens by Clannad. A very lovely, sad song. The lyrics were written by W. B. Yeats, the famous Irish poet.

I’m wearing… Guess what? That black denim skirt I always wear during daybooks! I swear I don’t do it on purpose!

Yesterday, I… had piano lessons and began reading the book of Job in the Bible.

I’m excited for… the previously mentioned event that I want to go to… but I may not be able to go to… sigh.

I’m sad because… I have lots of schoolwork.

I’m hungry for… hot tea!

The song stuck inside my head is… A Man’s a Man for A’ That – Old Blind Dogs (yes, again!)

I want… to see my friends.

I love… peace and quiet.

I loathe… the fact that there is no English Country Dancing for weeks.

This week, my goal is… to get all my schoolwork done, including my Latin…