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December daybook

I just realized I’ve been doing these just about once a month. Kinda interesting… I should just call it a month-book though.

Date… Wednesday, December 8

Starting time… 4:16 PM

Mood… a little nervous about all the work I have to do.

Outside my window… fallen leaves and a bright afternoon sun.

I’m thinking… that I should be doing chemistry or at least knitting.

I’m reading… The Return of the King.

I’m listening to… Oich Fa Fheil’ Bride (On Brigid’s Eve) by Susan McKeown.

I’m wearing… rose pink turtleneck and a black denim skirt. (I always seem to be wearing this skirt when I do daybooks.

Yesterday, I… ate at the mall and bought some black stockings.

I’m excited for… my friend’s birthday party on Friday and a performance of the Messiah that I’m going to on Saturday.

I’m sad because… I have lots of chemistry homework.

I’m hungry for… hmm… chicken? We have some though. 😉

The song stuck inside my head is… Gaelic Song (that’s the actual name-you can listen to it on YouTube) by Old Blind Dogs. (I always seem to have something by them stuck in my head)

I want… Christmas to come!

I love… the song I’m listening to. See above.

I loathe… my laziness.

This week, my goal is… To finish my friend’s birthday present and finish an essay I’m working on.

Did I meet last week’s goal?… probably not…


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