I can never figure out a good post title…

Happy Feast of Christ the King to all of you! This is a very glorious feast. And what comes the week after that? *in chorus* Yay, Advent! The forgotten liturgical season and even more forgotten penitential season.
Anyways, I’ve been doing stuff lately. What stuff? Well, you know, like, um, stuff
That is, I am currently working on no less than 5 knitting projects with another one that needs to be awakened from hibernation before a certain sister’s upcoming birthday in January and yet another one (a shawl) that I’ve been working on for my mother’s friend since last February. I hope to have it done by next September. It’s huge and very very very mindless knitting–garter stitch in natural wool. 
The projects are:
1. Those colorwork socks I posted earlier; a friend’s Christmas present.
2. Another pair of socks that I recently rescued from being “frogged” (ripped out–it’s called that because you ‘rip it, rip it’). These are a sort of pleasant green-blue heather, and relatively mindless.
3. A pair of purple fingerless gloves that I cast on just today and which I am loving.
4. A green lace shawl that I cast on back in September, I think. Maybe it was August. I can’t remember. I love it, but it’s for me, and therefore on hold till after Christmas.
5. A lovely lace mantilla that I originally intended as an Easter mantilla. I then intended it as a Pentecost one… then one for the Assumption… then one for my sister’s birthday… now I just don’t know. I don’t think I can finish it in time for Christmas. 
Today I watched the first movie I’ve watched in three weeks; Holiday with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. It was very good, and not too terribly long at about 95 minutes. Recommended. It has comedic elements but I would not call it quite a comedy, certainly not a screwball comedy like the classic Bringing Up Baby.
Last but not least, I am currently rereading The Lord of the Rings; right now I am about at the end of the Council of Elrond. I must say that the more I read this book, the more I love it. In fact, I have a great deal more to say, but I think it must wait for its own post.

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