Perhaps you’re a bit tired of reading about my NaNo book. Well, here’s a change.

I’m knitting some colorwork socks. This is the pattern:

Fair Isle Flower Socks

I am making some modifications, however. Rather than plain knit two, purl two ribbing, I plan to do corrugated ribbing. Here’s a picture of my swatch:

Sorry for the poor quality. Our camera stinks.

I am in love with corrugated ribbing, and this yarn. The yarn is smooth, and a gorgeous shade of darkish red. Not as bright a fire truck, but it doesn’t look like dried blood either. It’s called Cascade Heritage.
The other yarn is equally gorgeous, but I worry that I don’t have enough left to make the socks. It’s a remnant of a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy–color, Petal Showers. I really hope I don’t run out… but I may not, seeing as the colorwork is just on the leg. If I do, I’ll just knit the flower motif with a different yarn. Traditional Fair Isle often changes colors, anyways.


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