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Late at Night Randomness

I have something of a love/hate relationship with math. If I didn’t have math, I could have called a friend or taken a walk or something. Of course, I could have done those things anyways if I had done my math earlier instead of reading on the computer, but I digress. 

Anyways, I downloaded some music today. 

#1: Remember that Ossian album I mentioned that was so cheap from eMusic? Well, I got that. It’s called Light on a Distant Shore. I haven’t listened to it yet.

#2: 2 more songs by the same band. (You know, I love eMusic, but it doesn’t have all the Ossian I want! iTunes has more. I really want the album Seal Song… oh well, I guess I just have to wait until I have money to burn.)

#3: A set of tunes by Capercaillie, The Weasel, from their album Sidewaulk. I don’t think I can wholly endorse them as I think they have some iffy songs, but I’m pretty sure this early album is good. This set has one of my favorite tunes, which can be found here and in a more common key, here (this is the transposition used by Lunasa on their fantastic track Morning Nightcap on their equally fantastic album The Merry Sisters of Fate). 

#4: A track by Alasdair Fraser, an excellent Scottish fiddler, called Stratherrick from his album Dawn Dance, which is supposed to be excellent.

#5: Happy Jigs, an exhilarating set by the well-known modern Celtic band Flook from the album Flatfish. I encourage you to check them out – they’re definitely different! 

I recommend this link if you want to look up almost any Celtic song from most Celtic artists: Celtic Lyrics Corner. If you’re not sure about a song in English or want to find out what that Gaelic song’s all about, this will probably have it. It has a pretty good-sized library of lyrics from artists from Clannad to Old Blind Dogs to the Bothy Band. Most of them are translated if they’re not in English. Also, if they don’t have the particular artist you’re looking for, check for the song under the song titles section; many songs have been recorded more than once and it’s likely enough that it will be there from a different musician.

I’ve got my NaNo novel a little more resolved. I found out that the name Glædwine, which I chose for the leading man, actually does have a modern equivalent, and it’s not Gledwine – Gladwin. I think I will spell it Gledwin though, since I like that better and I think it’s justifiable as after a perusal of the Behind the Name website I find that “æ” is contracted to “e” anyways as often as not. My two main female characters are still Elfleda and Aldith. 
The current plotline:

Lacrimae Rerum (current tentative title)

Gledwin, a child of an English nobleman, wanders away into a strange land where he is raised by a childless noblewoman.

He meets the lady Aldith, the lady Elfleda, the lord Eldred, and many others.
When he is a young man, he goes to battle.
That’s about all I’ve got so far…

That’s what’s on my NaNo profile, which is under the same name – Mirfain. 
The title is a famous phrase from Virgil’s Aeneid, and there will be a good a reason for it. Literally translated it means “the tears of things”; it is notoriously impossible to translate the entire line, however. 


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