Music, school

Oh, school

I used to like school. What was I thinking?

Well, I’m about four weeks behind on Latin, haven’t started religion yet, have two math lessons to complete before Tuesday and a science paper to write before Thursday, a rough draft of a Great Books paper that needs polishing before Wednesday, and a heavy chunk of reading to do before Tuesday. Whew! Not to mention that I had to give up on Greek. I knew almost as soon as I started math and science classes that I wouldn’t have time.
*A silent tear falls on my cheek as I contemplate learning the middle voice and the aorist tense*

Anyways… I downloaded some new music today. My dad has an eMusic account and he always lets me have some downloads. (BTW, eMusic is awesome if you prefer non-pop music, but it’s changing its download system. It will still be a better deal than iTunes… but not as good.) I downloaded the following:

Three songs by a traditional Scottish band, Ossian (unfortunately, there’s some kind of bizarre non-English rock band under the same name and that shows up under the same name on both eMusic and iTunes… which makes it kinda confusing… but the albums with English names are the good Ossian).
It doesn’t have all their albums, but one of the ones it does have is a wonderful deal. It’s 41 minutes long and costs only 5 credits! Don’t tell eMusic though… I’m sure it will change it soon enough if it found out.

Two songs by the slightly less traditional Scottish band, Old Blind Dogs-my dad’s favorite band, pretty much
I realize the name is not prepossessing, but one of the songs I downloaded is so beautiful. I heard it on Pandora, and it’s called “The Battle of Waterloo”. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s on their album “The World’s Room”.

“Jesu, Dulcis Memoria” – a favorite hymn of mine

and a song by a band called Balmorhea. It’s all-instrumental and I heard them on Pandora. I’m not sure about them yet, but the song I got is pretty enough.


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