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My NaNoWriMo story

Title: Starlight on the Western Seas (VERY tentative indeed)

Plot: Huh?

I haven’t decided on names yet. It really depends on what language I choose for the names, since I want them all from the same language. I have it narrowed down, essentially, to Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, or Gaelic. I already have a few characters lined up. These are the ones I’ve got already:

Female #1 is currently the main character. She would be the more sympathetic character to the audience. She’ll have dark hair and grey eyes, and her personality will likely be melancholic. I won’t make her too broody and dark, though 😉
Female #2 won’t really be unsympathetic, but won’t be completely sympathetic either. I think I’ll give her brown hair and blue eyes. I haven’t figured her completely out, but I’m leaning towards phlegmatic.
Male #1 is kinda blurry. I want him to be dark haired, but that’s a lot of brunettes. I don’t like fair hair in guys, so I might give him red hair *sigh* however, I will probably make him choleric… which would be too much of a stereotype. Oh what the heck, I’ll give him dark hair! It’s more common, anyways. I’ll give the villain fair hair, if I have to.

Here’s a very very very very very tentative name chart for them. I want their names to all come from the same language. Also, the name meaning “old battle”… well, some Anglo-Saxon names were put together to have a coherent meaning, and some were just stuck together of weird bits and pieces that have goofy meanings like that. I have modernized versions of the Anglo-Saxon names on this as well — those are the ones I would be using. I would like to hear what you think of these! Just keep in mind, I might pick a name that’s not on this list at all, so don’t be too shocked if I do!

Evidently Caoilfhionn is prounounced “Keelin” and Rioghnach is pronounced “Rin-ock”. The ck is pronounced like the “ch” in Bach.

Welsh Meaning Gaelic Meaning Anglo-Saxon Meaning Modern form

Female #1 Meinwen slender and white Caoilfhionn  slender and fair Æðelflæd Noble beauty Elfleda

Female #2 Eluned prb. “image, idol” Rioghnach derived from ‘queen’ Ealdgyð Old battle Aldith

Male #1 Iorwerth handsome lord Conleth Probably ‘chaste fire’ Glædwine Bright friend Gledwine

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