So it begins.

Or, to be more precise, most of it does. I have no chemistry classes till next week, but everything else is rolling (even Great Books, for which I’m doing catchup reading before beginning the readings for the first class on September 7th). My Algebra II class was today. I’ve never outsourced math before, believe it or not, and I think I’ll like the accountability available with it, not to mention being able to actually ask questions if I don’t understand a concept (which doesn’t work with a DVD).

I feel so old beginning 10th grade. I can remember turning it over and over in my mind when I realized I was in 5th grade (or maybe it was 7th or 6th). Time flies even when you’re not having fun, and I am. It’s true the workload is heavy this year, with so many subjects.
Great Books (extremely intense literature/history class)
Ancient Greek
Algebra II
Art (relatively simple, watching some lectures on DVD)
English (again, fairly simple-reading through a textbook for the main part, I think)
Religion (History of the Church)

Fortunately, I don’t mind math and I love languages and reading, but even so that’s quite a bit.

On the lighter side, I’ve been reading a bit lately. I recently read Alex O’Donnell and the Forty Cyberthieves and enjoyed it a great deal. I also have been flipping through Emma again, with the intention of trying to obtain a copy of the recent BBC miniseries of it. Last night I picked up a volume of Yeats at the library and I believe, after flipping through, that if I can get the time, I’ll enjoy him.

Feast Today: Saint Bartholomew, apostle
I plan to post on most well-known liturgical feasts from now on, so keep your eyes peeled, if you like that sort of thing.


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