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A Review of Waking Rose

Waking Rose, by Regina Doman. Reviewed by Mirfain.
Warning: contains spoilers for The Shadow of the Bear and Black as Night.
Waking Rose begins with Rose Brier’s words: “I love him more than poetry. I love him more than song.” The rest of the book lives up to that memorable opening line. Rose Brier has been in love with Benedict “Fish” Denniston since she rescued him from Certain Death. He, however, does not reciprocate the feelings. The first chapter continues with the marriage of Arthur “Bear” Denniston, his brother, and Blanche Brier, her sister.
Later that year, Rose heads off to Mercy College, a small, fictional Catholic college that the author modeled on Franciscan University of Steubenville (which she attended) and Christendom College (in Front Royal, VA where the author lives). Fish goes to a secular college, and the story begins. This story, as you may have guessed, is modeled on Sleeping Beauty.
When Rose takes a bioethics class, she begins to collect her dead father’s research for her “monster bioethics paper”, and awakes a few sleeping questions herself. Why did her father, who was an alumni, tell Blanche not to attend Mercy College? Why did they move away from the area when Rose was a baby? Is someone following her? As for Fish, will his scars ever heal?
In the course of the book, these questions are answered, and you’ll also meet many fascinating characters. The Knights of Sacra Cor, who make Rose their Lady; Kateri Kovach, a passionate pro-life activist, and Rose’s friend before and through college; and many more.
I do warn you; this book is probably not suitable for young people under the age of fourteen or fifteen; it contains some disturbing material, though all handled in a deeply Catholic manner. When all is taken into consideration, however, Regina Doman has produced one of the most compelling young adult books I have yet read, and I highly recommend it. Faith, action, adventure, romance, conflict, mystery. Read it and you will not be disappointed.

Here is the book’s website: Waking Rose. Buy the book here: Waking Rose


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